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Sentence given to rap artist Ja Rule in tax evasion case

A person can receive serious punishments if he or she is convicted of charges related to tax evasion. An example of such a punishment is a prison sentence.

Recently, a sentence was issued in a federal criminal tax case from New Jersey. The case involved the 35-year-old rap artist Jeffrey Atkins, who is also known as Ja Rule. Atkins reportedly is from Saddle River, New Jersey. Atkins was accused of tax evasion.

Allegedly, Atkins failed to file tax returns over a five-year period. Allegedly, over this period, Atkins received performance and royalty income from two companies. According to authorities, this failure to file tax returns resulted in Atkins evading over $1 million in taxes.

Tax evasion charges were brought against Atkins in connection to these allegations. Atkins pled guilty to three criminal counts in this tax evasion case. On Monday, Atkins received his sentence. Atkins was sentenced to serve 28 months in prison.

This case illustrates a few things. First, it shows how a person can face serious criminal charges if he or she is accused of committing tax evasion. Second, it shows how tax evasion cases will sometimes end with a guilty plea being made, rather than a trial. Finally, it demonstrates how being convicted of tax evasion-related charges can result in a person being given serious punishments.

As one can see, being accused of tax evasion can be a very serious allegation. If a person is facing such an allegation, he or she may wish to consider seeking advice from a qualified criminal defense attorney.

Source: KTLA, "Rapper Ja Rule Gets 28 Months in Prison on Tax Evasion," 18 Jul 2011

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