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October 2011 Archives

IRS cracks down on DAD shelters, taxpayers fight back

Even experienced businessmen can become bewildered by the confusing process of an IRS audit. An experienced Miami tax law attorney can help taxpayers deal with the IRS and determine the best way to avoid accuracy related penalties that may be imposed on a taxpayer. There are many ways that Miami businessmen can become involved in a civil tax controversy with the IRS. A civil tax controversy often begins with a "red flag." These are more common for successful businessmen because the IRS routinely audits high-income individuals more often than everyone else.

Miami-based cigarette companies implicated in tax fraud conspiracy

A massive criminal tax fraud investigation has resulted in a raid on a Florida home. Authorities issued a 169-count indictment in a national tax-fraud case involving two Miami-based companies and recently raided the Orange County home of one of the businessmen charged in the case.

D.C. tax examiner pleads guilty to criminal tax fraud

In yesterday's post we discussed the possible prison sentence that a former Florida tax auditor faces for filing false returns. Authorities say that the tax auditor prepared federal tax returns as a side job but failed to report all of the income that he earned from that job. Another tax professional recently pleaded guilty to criminal tax fraud charges. The U.S. Attorney's Office says that a 47-year-old former D.C. tax examiner pleaded guilty Thursday to participating in a tax fraud scheme which resulted in $400,000 in fraudulent returns.

Florida man pleads guilty to tax fraud

One of the most frightening things that can happen to a Florida resident is being accused of tax fraud. Criminal tax fraud allegations are very serious and can have dire consequences for a Florida taxpayer including prison time, fines or probation. A tax fraud conviction can also cause a businessperson to lose their good standing in the community and forever tarnish their reputation with lenders. There are multiple types of tax fraud, each with specific elements and penalties. An experienced Florida tax fraud attorney can help explain a taxpayer's rights and provide an aggressive defense against tax fraud charges.

Company successfully fights IRS tax levy

Collection due process cases are among the most difficult tax cases to bring in tax court because the burden of proof is on a Florida taxpayer. This means that the IRS does not have to justify its failure to pursue more reasonable collection alternatives and the taxpayer has the burden to prove that the IRS' lien or levies should be released.

Justice Department files petition to stop Florida tax fraud scheme

Serious consequences may occur when the IRS decides to accuse a Miami resident of tax fraud. A tax fraud conviction could result in very large fines, penalties or even jail time. It is important for Florida residents embroiled in tax controversies to consult with experienced Miami tax law attorneys who will aggressive protect a taxpayer's rights. An experienced tax law attorney will know how to deal with complex audits and federal grand jury subpoenas.

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