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Miami Shores taxpayers have IRS headache after identity theft

In our last post we discussed the plight of one Florida family who feels that they are being victimized by the IRS after an identity thief filed a false return using their name. Despite being the victims of fraud, the Largo taxpayers now have to deal with an audit and the IRS' withholding of their refund check. Such civil tax controversy issues are becoming increasingly common as the rates of identity theft skyrocket in Florida.

One Miami Shores mortgage banker was shocked when his joint return with his wife was rejected because an identity thief already used his wife's Social Security number to file a false return. He must now wait over a year to get his $7,918 refund.

"The taxpayer who was ripped off and did nothing wrong has to prove himself to the IRS," the frustrated banker said. "The IRS never bothered verifying anything filed by the crook who committed the crime. I want to be afforded the same courtesy and efficiency that the crook was afforded by the IRS."

Many other Florida taxpayers are in the same situation. If you are being harassed by the IRS after being the victim of identity theft it is important to consult with an experienced Miami tax lawyer who can help you deal with the IRS. Dealing with the IRS on your own can be a headache, even if you have done nothing wrong. A tax attorney can help you avoid some of the frustration associated with dealing with the IRS after having your identity stolen.

Source: Press Herald, "IRS hustles to fix flaws as identify theft adds to tax fraud," Dec. 28, 2011