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Criminal Tax Fraud Archives

Man exonerated for murder pleads guilty to tax fraud

A man who spent 13 years as a prison inmate in Florida for a crime he was exonerated for was accused of taking part in a tax fraud scheme. The accused man allegedly worked with five other people to file fraudulent tax returns and then divide $1.25 million in refunds that they received. Some of the accused people might have been prison inmates together, according to reports.

How tax schemes may impact Florida residents

Individual taxpayers and corporate taxpayers alike do not like paying taxes. Some go so far as to create tax shelters in an effort to circumvent tax law. One such scheme involves putting assets into a trust to make it look like the business doesn't have control of its assets. The assets are then leased back to the company with some or all profits shipped overseas. This is done to avoid paying taxes and having to file a return for the income with the IRS.

Student accounts frozen in Florida financial aid fraud case

At least 1,000 students' bank accounts were frozen by federal authorities recently in connection with alleged fraudulent tax activity. According to authorities, the fraud is tied to kickbacks received by students who allowed their financial aid accounts to be used for depositing fraudulent tax returns. Stolen identities are alleged to have been used to generate the returns in question, and at least 18 students face charges for their roles in the scheme.

Role of the IRS in criminal tax cases

The IRS may investigate criminal tax cases involving Florida taxpayers or taxpayers in any other state. While other government agencies may help in an investigation, only the IRS is authorized to investigate criminal violations of the Internal Revenue Code. The Criminal Investigative (CI) unit is comprised of 2,800 special agents who are trained in computer forensics and other specialized methods of obtaining evidence in criminal tax cases.

Individuals may be wrongly accused of tax fraud

Filing taxes can often be a complicated and exasperating exercise, inspiring many Florida taxpayers to seek outside help. People often turn to a CPA or other certified professional to file their taxes for them. Yet, to the taxpayers' misfortune and surprise, this can sometimes lead to missing documents, falsely completed documents and other problematic issues.

What Florida residents should know about tax fraud

Each year, the IRS estimates that 17 percent of taxpayers do not comply with the tax code in some manner. However, only .0022 percent of taxpayers are convicted of fraud in a given year. This is because the IRS typically gives the benefit of the doubt to those who make mistakes on a tax return. What does the IRS consider fraud as opposed to a simple error on a tax return?

Florida man pleads guilty to charges related to tax fraud

As the result of a plea deal, a 34-year-old Jacksonville man pleaded guilty in early August to charges of stealing government property. The charges were related to refund checks issued by the IRS as the result of filing false and fraudulent income tax returns. According to reports, the U.S. Treasury checks were mailed to bogus addresses in New York in 2011 and 2012.

Defining tax fraud

The IRS reported that a small amount of tax offenses in Florida result in convictions every year. However, an estimated 17 percent of taxpayers do not follow tax laws, and about three-fourths of these are individuals who commit tax fraud. Even so, the IRS has strict definitions of tax fraud, defining the act as intentional and not just an oversight.

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