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Money Laundering Archives

Drug sales proceeds link two auto businesses to money laundering

Cases of money laundering seem more prevalent in the news in Florida lately as criminal investigation efforts increase across the nation. Unfortunately, as these efforts increase, more and more people who have made honest mistakes may find themselves accused of intentional or willful criminal acts.

Judge: Money laundering case involving Bitcoin can go forward

In February, we discussed the possibility of Florida's first money-laundering prosecution related to the digital currency Bitcoin. Two men were arrested in Florida on charges of money laundering and "engaging in an unlicensed money servicing business."

Could Miami residents launder money they could never touch?

In the past century, the definition of money has certainly changed a bit. The money that we have sitting in the bank isn’t necessarily a physical stack of dollar bills. Instead of going to a safety deposit or a bank to access hard cash, we may type a few numbers on the keyboard and hit send to pay another party what we owe.

Guilty plea for Florida man accused of fraud, money laundering

White collar crimes are aggressively prosecuted, with investigations into suspected fraud sometimes taking months before an arrest is ever made. Convictions often mean lengthy prison sentences and large fines. A Florida life insurance salesman now faces severe criminal penalties after entering a guilty plea to four counts of fraud and money laundering. He has been accused of defrauding several investors through a Ponzi scheme.

The Bank Secrecy Act: Florida bank deals compliance issues

In tax law, the figure of $10,000 is often a threshold for various reporting requirements. For example, the Report of Foreign and Financial Accounts — commonly known as the FBAR form — must be filed for accounts valued at more than $10,000 at any time during the year.