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White Collar Crime Archives

Phone company owners face fraud charges in Florida

A federal program designed to help those in lower income households pay their phone bills as well as provide assistance for rural residents would ordinarily be considered a noble undertaking that provides an essential service to those in need. But recently, a Florida grand jury indicted three phone company owners who allegedly abused the system for personal profit.

Suspected members of shoplifting ring face fraud charges

The average white collar defendant can be a business owner, corporate boss or ordinary individual. White collar crime often begins as something harmless: a little creative accounting here or some misplaced paperwork there. However, it can quickly escalate into something bigger than what was first anticipated by those involved. This can eventually lead to a person facing the threat of jail time and possibly losing their life’s work.

Florida contractor accused of theft, misappropriation of funds

DIY is a trend that is booming in this economy as individuals try to save money. Instead of selling their home and buying another, a lot of homeowners are choosing to remodel and update what they already have. Understanding that construction isn’t for everyone, a lot of homeowners just want a professional to handle the details.

Accused of fraud in Florida? You aren't alone says FTC

Fraud. It is a simple term that describes a wide variety of situations involving a deceptive act, false statement or even the concealment of the truth with financial gain as the motivating factor. It is also a word that could lead to very serious consequences for those accused of this offense, whether it relates to tax, investments, securities, insurance or health care.

Millions forfeited in Miami investment fraud case

White collar crime is the word or phrase that describes a group of non-violent charges that are often driven by a financial motivation. These offenses may include tax evasion, fraud, extortion, counterfeiting, money laundering, embezzlement, bribery or other related offenses.

The line is certainly blurry in RedFlex bribery scandal

Whether it involves a big company, a small business owner, a government official or a private citizen, a bribery case isn’t always black and white. It is easy to say that “a line was crossed,” but that line can be a bit blurry at times. Much of the argument in these cases concerns actions that fall in this gray area.

Florida man accused of white-collar crime, alleged grand theft

A tow truck driver has recently been arrested in Florida for a supposed grand theft scheme. The man has been accused of depositing checks meant for his company that he was only supposed to have a percentage of. He is currently out on bail, but he is expected back in court in January to begin his white-collar crime trial.

Florida grocery store owners arrested for food stamp fraud

A federal investigation into a small South Florida grocery store resulted in the arrest of the two owners and an employee on Dec. 10. The men are accused of food stamp fraud, purportedly pocketing an estimated $2.8 million from the federal government. Authorities are now searching for at least 60 of the store's customers that used their EBT cards to withdraw cash so they can face charges of food stamp trafficking.

How social media sites are not just being used by users anymore

Have you ever stopped and considered what you put on your social networking sites? Have you ever thought about who might be looking at that information or how it could be used against you? Some of our readers here in Miami might be considering these questions now more than ever, especially because of a case out of Palm Beach County. It's because of photographs posted to the popular social media website Instagram that a 19-year-old Florida man now faces serious felony charges and perhaps left wondering who is using the site and for what purpose.
According to reports, the 19-year-old has been charged with 142 felony counts after a sheriff in Palm Beach County says that he saw what appeared to be suspicious pictures of the teen and some friends showing off handguns and jewelry. According to police, an investigation into the teen's police record led to a search warrant and an eventual search of his residence where allegedly stolen items were recovered.