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White Collar Crime Archives

Florida man pleads guilty in counterfeit card scheme

A 39-year-old Florida man who was accused of being involved in a payment card scheme pleaded guilty to the associated charges on Sept. 25. The man reportedly admitted that he was involved in selling counterfeit payment cards through a website that he ran.

How does Florida define white-collar crime?

Florida residents may benefit from reviewing the provisions listed under the White Collar Crime Victim Protection Act, described in Chapter 775 of the 2014 Florida Statutes. The intent of this legislation is to improve the sanctions against nonviolent swindles and fraud, and to assist with prosecuting white-collar offenders while protecting the public's property. The protection act was enacted due to frequency in which people, particularly elders, are victimized through the internet and other technologies. Many victims have lost a significant amount of property due to fraud and deceit.

Florida construction fraud leads to charges

A scheme known as the "Florida Plan" has reportedly diverted up to $1 billion each year from the state's economy as subcontracting companies use the method to escape expensive workers' compensation premiums. This white collar crime occurs as a shell company is established to facilitate opportunities for subcontractors to secure contracts without actually purchasing workers' compensation coverage. A shell company will secure an inexpensive policy that will then be rented along with the company name to a subcontractor. Although the subcontracting organization is able to provide documents that appear to reflect proper coverage, the majority of company employees are not protected.

Florida woman accused of stealing $100,000 from employer

A 39-year-old woman who was employed as a bookkeeper for a Florida business was charged with multiple offenses after she was accused of stealing more than $100,000 from the company. According to the report, the charges resulted from an investigation that was instigated by the owner of the company after he began to suspect that the accused woman was stealing.

Man accused of defrauding 3 Miami Heat players

According to a report released on Aug. 29, a man was accused of operating a scam that allegedly involved the Miami Heat and a number of investors. According to the report, the accused man claimed that he was from a Pakistani family that was in charge of operating numerous hotels, oil business and textile plants.

3 bankers convicted of fraud

Three men in Florida were sentenced to federal prison on Aug. 21. The charges related to fraudulent activity involving their former employer, Coastal Community Bank. The former CEO and attorney for the bank were each given a four-year sentence in prison. The former Coastal Community Bank CFO was sentenced to three years behind bars. The charges carried a potential maximum sentence of 30 years each as well as five additional years for filing a false claim against the United States.

Florida mayor acquitted after FBI corruption sting

The mayor of Miami Lakes has been acquitted of federal charges related to allegedly taking bribes. The mayor had been indicted in the wake of an FBI sting operation that had targeted public officials in Florida believed by the federal agency to have been corrupt. A federal jury in Miami announced the not guilty verdict on Aug. 14 after two days of deliberation. The mayor had been accused of seven separate counts related to the alleged corruption.

How does the government define and punish computer fraud?

Readers in Florida may be interested to learn about federal statutes regarding a variety of computer-based activities that are considered illegal under federal law. According to sections of the U.S. Code, a number of unauthorized computer activities that involve knowingly accessing protected information or causing damage and loss is illegal and punishable upon conviction.

2 brothers plead guilty to $6 million food stamp scam

On July 24, two brothers in South Florida were sentenced to spend more than five years in prison for using government-issued food stamps fraudulently. The 42-year-old and 52-year-old brothers were also ordered to pay $4 million in restitution after pleading guilty to conspiracy, bankruptcy fraud and other charges.

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